Antique Revival Leather Ottoman Moroccan Poufs

Large Leather Moroccan Pouf

We’re huge fans of antiques, whether furniture, wall art, textiles, vintage rugs, etc…. Each antique tells its own story: Whether the craftsmanship, the elegance, the style, the spirit, the scuffs and scrapes – whatever it may be, we love the unique character and simply can’t get enough! That’s one of the many reasons why when we find an item of enduring quality and timeless character, we have to share it. Discovery and curating a small collection of antiques is akin to a fantastic experience that’s better conveyed and shared by many. When we found an antique “pouf of all poufs” following all the formerly described traits, we had to share it with the world and emulate the original in true spirit through new handmade construction. Ultimately, that brought us to the low-slung, extra large, fine leather Ottomans. Inspired in full by a thick, well-worn sole-leathered antique pouf from decades past: This new, limited production revival is available a range of classic, traditional and upbeat colors. Hand crafted by Old New House™ artisans in the heart of Marrakesh, Morocco. Enjoy the subtle exquisite details in soft-spoken, minimalist aesthetic: A timeless form of refined styling, durability and versatile utility.

Large Leather Moroccan Pouf

Materials: Leather, virgin linen canvas insert, natural jute and rubber core enveloped in hemp textile, 25-30 lbs of fine, untreated organic cotton stuffing.

Measurements: 17” x 28” fully stuffed.

Organic Cotton Batting and Stuffing

Wrapped Pouf