Fine Oriental Rug Restoration and Repair

Level of conservation varies rug-to-rug. Whether evaluating in-person or from across the country, we consider each rug on an individual basis. For local customers in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, we offer drop off and pick up services. Further, we’re always happy to take a preliminary look at photographs of your family heirloom or vintage carpet under consideration for our professional services. Our goal is to revitalize your carpet in original spirit and splendor, and do so from the most educated standpoint of repair and restoration through our years of experience. It is important to us to understand all factors to your decision making process, while also helping you make an optimal choice in caretaking for your carpet. Ultimately, the conservational efforts we perform will see to it that your carpet endures many more years of use and utility.

Our flagship store is located in Katonah (a hamlet of Bedford, Westchester County New York): We handle repairs, reweaving and restorations for carpets across the country. We offer local pickup, pre-paid insured shipping labels and wrapping paper to facilitate accurate estimates and ease of process.

The following captioned images sample the skill and fine craftsmanship of our rug repair and restoration studio. This vintage 1930’s Persian Ingelas carpet came to us with several holes and distressed structure. Through the art of finesse of re-looming foundation both warp and weft to selecting proper wools character and staple to accurately emulate the spirit of the original, this labor intensive process with utterly gratifying results demonstrate the care and attention start to finish of a properly and professionally curated repair.


Oriental Rug with DamageOriental Rug Restoration and Repair

Hand Knotted Persian and Oriental Rug Restoration and Repair in New York

Lower right corner of main and inner + outer minor borders fully restored.