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Vintage Sarouk Rug 1113

Vintage Sarouk Rug 1113

Dave Notes, October 10, 2015: “I believe it’s a mix between a Farahan and Josan by technique, character and design. A transitional piece as well, closing in on the tail end of this general type of character for genre. Weave is very similar to Farahan quality. The lack of uniformity in shape (compared to other rugs of similar era and type) indicates to us it was perhaps woven on a more primitive / rural loom. Looking at it again today, I think 1910 – 1925, although it’s difficult to say, and I believe the latter would be a little conservative. There’s a lot to love about this piece, and understand it will need just the right space to show its true splendor.

We’ve often found red tone rugs and silk rugs to be particularly hard to capture.

I would say the first two images on our website listing (at a complete overhead) demonstrate the enclosed description and shades seen best. The close-up photos, however, show more rust than the eye will under most any lighting we have experimented with today.

When standing quite close to the rug at eye height, in daylight / very cool lighting and from the “light side”: The red color is in the rose family for sure. Almost a rose-ish blush – a slight hint of mauve if you look for it. Under warmer lighting / incandescent, the mauve gives way.

From the dark side looking into the tips of the wool, under same natural sunlight, the rose tone deepens to a darker rose and hint of red. There’s one abrash that has a dusty oxidized feel almost with a touch of blue.

​With over​head / incandescent, the whole rug deeps perhaps with a small small hint of rust, but not to the degree captured in the third image, and not in the direction of an orange.

To throw more into the mix – when you step back from the carpet – 10, 20 feet, the distance from the carpet, and the density of colors and design mitigate the pale character seen from some angles. The close proximity of all colors from afar really show as a rich light or medium cochineal red”

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